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Staff Handbook

Sponsored Research Information

Division Approval Form
Grant Manager Assignments
Information for Proposals
Minimum Overhead Review and Approval Form
Caltech Policies and Procedures Related to Sponsored Research
NIH Forms
NSF FastLane

Other Resources

Administrative Policies and Procedures
Audit Registration Form
AV Instructions for B122 Gates Annex
Caltech Code of Conduct
CCE Course Schedule AY2024-25
CCE Room Reservations
Employee Handbook
Facilities Use and Technical Agreements
FERPA Considerations
Financial Services Policies and Procedures
HR Institute Policies
Invention Disclosure Form
Payroll Calendar
PCard Reconcilliation Dates for 2024
Petty Cash Fund Voucher (Slip)
Procurement Forms
Records Retention Schedule
Reimbursements Instructions
Returns Process
Seminar Handbook
Seminar Templates
Seminar Poster Uploads Mac | Windows
2024 Shredding Service Schedule
TechMart Access Request Form
Wire Transfer Form

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Campus Maps
Catering (x3388)
CardQuest (P-Card) (x6273, x6257)
Credit Union (x6300)
Facilities Management (x4717)
FedEx Service Center (x6008)
Housing (x6176)
Human Resources (x3300)
HR Guidelines and Forms
IMSS (x3500)
Institute Holidays
Library (Caltech Hall x6401; SFL x3405)
Mail Services (Post Office) (x6371)
Maintenance (x4717)
Calendar Login
Parking (x8877)
Procurement Services (x8900)
Red Door (x6158)
Registrar (x6354)
Security Office (x4701 - non-emergency)
Shops (Carpentry, Electrical, Keys) (x4717)
Telephones (x5995)
Transportation (x4703)
Travel (x8900)
Wired (x8006)