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For freshman, come out to club fair and learn more about the club. Contact the club secretary (listed under "ExComm" tab) to add your e-mail to our mailing list. From there, you will receive e-mails about upcoming meetings and events.

We hold many events during the school year geared towards informing chemical engineers. These include a student-faculty lunch, the track talk, and a graduate school panel. We also provide "Student-to-Student" mentoring programs. Being part of Caltech AIChE also lets you become a member of National AIChE for free. We will attend the ChemE Car Competition at the AiChE Western Regional Conference. Students can join the ChemE car to further expand the practical applications of chemical engineering.

After college, ChE's pursue a wide variety of options, from grad school to national labs to industry. In industry, students work for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, environmental, oil, consulting, and materials companies.

It is a good idea for freshmen to plan out their schedules for all four years if they want to be ChE due to the large number of requirements. Freshman can take Thermodynamics (ChE 63 ab) in their first year. This will save trouble down the road. Consult the Caltech Catalog available at the registrar's website or an upperclassman for help.

Come to our track talk in the spring or ask an upperclassman. Also, we have email lists for each of the tracks for your track specific questions. Processes ([email protected]), Environmental ([email protected]), Materials ([email protected]), Biomolecular ([email protected])

Come to the club fair at the beginning of the year and talk to current ChE's. Also sign up for our mailing list so that you can receive emails about our general meetings. You can also try contacting us by email. Talk to professors about classes, your future after Caltech, and potential internships.