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Graduate Program

Acceptance to these top-ranked graduate options is competitive, and students are carefully selected for creativity and breadth of interests. Each program is designed to immerse CCE's graduate students in original research from the time of their enrollment, allowing them to follow their scientific curiosity wherever it takes them.

The graduate program in CCE provides students with the educational training and research experiences needed to achieve a PhD degree. (In special circumstances, a master's of science degree may be given.)

Students can choose from one of the following three degree programs:

  • The program in Chemistry is designed to provide students with academic training and research experience in chemical physics, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, organometallic chemistry, and biochemistry and molecular biophysics.
  • The program in Chemical Engineering trains students to apply mathematics, engineering, and the physical, chemical, and biological sciences to grow their understanding of systems involving chemical reactions and transport phenomena and to apply their knowledge to the development of new chemical processes and materials.
  • The program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics is an interdisciplinary option run in coordination with the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering. Its curriculum and research opportunities are designed to provide students with a broad background in the biochemistry and biophysics of macromolecules and molecular assemblies.

To learn more about applying to the graduate program, visit Graduate Admissions website.