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Caltech Chemistry Club Annual Speakers

The Chemistry Club has maintained a tradition since 2007 of bringing external faculty to Caltech to present their research findings and discuss their experiences prior to a faculty position.

This selection operates on a four-year rotation cycle between biochemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry.

If you have an individual you would like to see brought to Caltech to present to undergraduates, please email the Chem Club Excomm.

2007 Peter Schultz Biochemistry
2008 Sunney Xie Physical Chemistry
2009 Dan Nocera Inorganic Chemistry
2010 Andy Meyers Biochemistry
2011 Paul Wender Organic Chemistry
2012 Stephen Bradforth Physical Chemistry
2013 Don Tilley Inorganic Chemistry
2014 Chad Mirkin Biochemistry
2015 Richmond Sarpong Organic Chemistry
2016 Giulia Galli Physical Chemistry
2017 Chris Chang Bioinorganic Chemistry
2018 Stephen Buchwald Organic Chemistry
2019 Markus Ribbe Biochemistry
2021 Teri Odom Nanoscience
2022 Alison Wendlandt Organic Chemistry