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For Postdoctoral Scholars

Welcome to Caltech and the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCE). We have created this information page to help you connect with people and resources that can enrich your research and educational experience at Caltech. CCE Postdoctoral Committee

The CCE Postdoctoral Committee is comprised of faculty and postdocs committed to supporting those in our community with the best resources, opportunities, and mentorship CCE can provide. Professors act as standing committee of confidential advisors for any postdoc that needs advice for an issue they feel is best not discussed with their advisor. If there are any questions or concerns about our program, please contact one of the committee members listed below.

Faculty Advisors

André Hoelz (Chair)
Harry Gray
Linda Hsieh-Wilson
Brian Stoltz

Postdoctoral Members

Edwin Alfonzo
Julie Ducharme
Arianne Hunter
Ye-Jin Kim
Paresh Kumar Samantaray
Brendon McNicholas
George W. Mobbs
Vaishnavi Nair
Nivin Nasri
Alexander Siegel
Haomin Wang
Beccah Warmack


Caltech Postdoctoral Association
Relocation and Getting Settled in Pasadena
Family Support
International Scholar Services
Staff and Faculty Consultation Center
Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach
Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education
California Alliance Professional Development
Caltech Center for Diversity
Caltech Recreation Facilities
Caltech Biotech Club
Caltech International Spouses Club
City of Pasadena


Does Caltech offer housing?

The Caltech Housing Office manages one building for Postdocs. The building has 40 apartments available to new Caltech Postdocs who are within the first year of their Caltech Postdoc appointment. All of the units have two-bedrooms and two-bathrooms and most of them are unfurnished. We have furnished a small number of apartments and rent the bedrooms in these units individually where Postdocs share the common space. For more information please go to: Caltech Housing.

How do I find off-campus housing?

If you want to live within walking/biking distance from Caltech (~ 1 mile), you should look for an apartment with the boundaries of North Walnut Avenue / East Sierra Madre Blvd / South California Avenue / West Los Robles Avenue.

Other nearby communities include Altadena (5 miles north Pasadena), La Canada (8 miles west Pasadena), Sierra Madre (north east border with Pasadena), South Pasadena (South East border with Pasadena) and San Marino (south border with Pasadena). If you are willing to commute, you might be able to find cheaper housing in communities farther away. For more information please go to: International Scholar Services.

How do I look at my health care benefits/insurance?

Caltech offers you the following health care benefits:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation (MER) Plan

For a summary of benefits offered to Caltech postdoctoral scholars please go to: Caltech Benefits

As an international scholar, do I need to do anything to receive my social security number (SSN) prior to my arrival?

Do not apply for the SSN before your check-in at Human Resources or with the Faculty Records Office.

If Human Resources provides you with SSN application assistance, your Social Security card will be mailed to Caltech. Once it is received, you will be contacted so that you can pick it up from Human Resources. While you are waiting for your SSN application to be processed, you will receive pay from Caltech. For more information please go to: International Scholar Services


National Postdoctoral Association
Caltech Alumni Association (invites all Caltech postdocs to use their career services to connect with professionals, interact with experts, research contacts, and find a job)
Caltech Career Development Center:

Free NACElink registration (system by Caltech and other US universities to register recruiters and postdocs/students seeking employment).


Preparing Your NIH Application A good website for general information on how to prepare the forms for your NIH application.

Center for Scientific Review Ever wondered what those five review areas really mean? View it from the horse's mouth so to speak on this NIH website.

NIAID Funding: Grants and Contracts A basic tutorial on grant writing provided by the NIH.

Career Award Wizard Ever wondered what Career Award at the NIH is right for you? Here's a quick way to find out.

Grant Writing Tips Sheets

Job Listings

C&E Jobs

Science Next Wave Career Board

Nature Jobs

New Scientist Jobs

Biospace company salaries, reviews, and interview questions for over 32,000 companies.

Teaching and Development

The Chronicle

Tomorrow's Professor, Preparing for careers in science and engineering

Caltech Project for Effective Teaching CPET's goal is to help members of the Caltech community become effective educators through practical training, an improved understanding of pedagogy, and individual feedback.

Caltech Precollege Science Initiative Science Club and teaching opportunities: a collaborative effort, linking science and engineering professionals with educators, teachers, and school administrators.

Caltech Classroom Connection Caltech outreach brings scientists into local classrooms. This program pairs Caltech volunteers with local pre-college educators.

General Postdoc Career Information

Career Planning Resources -- National Postdoctoral Association

The Scientist, News Journal for Life Scientists

NIH Virtual Career Center This webpage is useful for anyone looking at jobs and how to get the right one for their interests.

Diversity postdoctoral fellowships & opportunities

Dual Career Couple Links

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). HERC is a consortium of over 500 member institutions committed to helping academic couples find jobs within a commutable distance.

American Association of University Professors:Recommendations on Partner Accommodation and Dual Career Appointments (2010)

National Resident Match Program (Medicine)

PartnerJob: a website created by international companies to help mobile employees' partners maintain their careers.

Resources for Academic Couples

Dual Science Career Couples Website