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CCE Course Listings

CCE Course Listing AY 2021-22

Caltech offers a wide variety of courses related to chemistry. Classes are available at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and cover all areas of modern chemistry and chemical engineering. In addition, a number of interdisciplinary courses are available, including geochemistry, environmental chemistry, and various flavors of biological chemistry. For details, please visit the CCE course descriptions or the Caltech Catalog.

Below is our up-to-date course grid for a listing of course information in Chemistry for the current Academic Year 2021-22 Courses. Please see the Registrar's Office for further course and academic calendar details.

Course Fall Winter Spring
Ch 1 ab Lewis (a) Chan/Robb (b)
Ch 3a Mendez Mendez Mendez
Ch 3x Mendez Mendez Mendez
Ch 4 ab Mendez (a) Mendez (a)
Mendez (b)
Mendez (b)
Ch 5 ab (b) Agapie (a) Grubbs
Ch 6 ab Beauchamp (a)
Ch 7 Hsieh-Wilson
Ch 8 Mendez
Ch/ChE 9 Mendez
Ch 10 abc Hoelz (a) Hoelz (b) Hoelz (c)
Ch 14 Rees
Ch 15 Dalleska
Ch 21 abc Okumura (a) Wei (b) Beauchamp (c)
Ch 25 not offered
Ch 41 abc Dougherty (a) Hsieh-Wilson (b) Reisman (c)
Ch 80 various various various
Ch 81 by arrangement by arrangement by arrangement
Ch 82 various various various
Ch 90 Bikle
Ch/ChE 91 Parker Parker Weitekamp
Ch 101
Ch 102 Hadt/See
Ch 104 Fu
Ch/Bi 110 (Bi/Ch 110) Clemons
Ch/Bi 111 (Bi/Ch 111) Parker/Semlow
Ch 112 Agapie
Ch 117 See
Ch 120 ab Goddard (a) Goddard (b)
Ch 121 ab Goddard (b) Goddard (a)
Ch 122 Takase
Ch 125ab Cushing (a) Weitekamp (b)
Ch/BMB 129 Wei
Ch 135 not offered
Ch/ChE 140 ab (a) not offered Lewis (b)
Ch 143 not offered
Ch 144 ab (b) not offered (a) not offered
Ch 145 not offered
Ch 146 not offered
Ch/ChE 147 Robb
Ch 149 Fu/Stoltz
Ch 153 abc Gray/Winkler (a) Hadt (c)
(b)not offered
Ch 154 ab Peters (a) (b) not offered
Ch 180 by arrangement by arrangement by arrangement
Ch 212 not offered
Ch 213 abc Gray (a) Gray (b) Gray (c)
Ch 225 not offered
Ch 226 Cushing/Blake
Ch 242 ab Stoltz (a) Reisman (b)
Ch 247 not offered
Ch 250 not offered
Ch 251 not offered
Ch 252 not offered
Ch/Bi 253 not offered
Ch 279 by arrangement by arrangement by arrangement
Ch 280 by arrangement by arrangement by arrangement
Bi 129 Campbell/Zinn
BMB/Bi/Ch 173 not offered
BMB/Bi/Ch 174 Chong/Semlow
BMB/Ch 178 Shan
BMB/Ch 202abc Clemons (a) Clemons (b) Clemons (c)
BMB/Ch 230 Hoelz
BMB 278 not offered not offered not offered
BMB 299 various various various
ChE 10 Shapiro
ChE 15 Flagan
ChE 62 Seinfeld
ChE 63ab Flagan Ismagilov
ChE 70 Brady/Vicic Brady/Vicic
ChE 101 Vicic
ChE 103 abc Kornfield Shapiro Shapiro
ChE 105 Seinfeld
ChE/Ch/Bi/SEC 107 not offered
ChE/Bi 111 Kornfield
ChE/BE/MedE 112 Ismagilov
ChE 114 Hwang
ChE 115 not offered
ChE 118 Vicic
ChE 120 Vicic
ChE 126 Vicic
ChE 128 Giapis/Vicic
ChE 130 Vicic
ChE 141 Vicic
ChE 142 not offered
ChE/Ch 148 not offered
ChE 151ab Brady Brady
ChE 152 Giapis
ChE/Ch 155 not offered
ChE/BE 163 Pierce/Bois
ChE/Ch 164 Wang
ChE/Ch 165 Wang
ChE 174 not offered
ChE/BE/MedE 188 not offered
ESE/ChE 158 not offered
ESE/ Ge/Ch 171 Seinfeld/ Wennberg