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Center for Molecular Medicine

Dedicated to understanding the intricacies of cellular signaling, the Center for Molecular Medicine was built on Caltech's successes at the interface of chemistry and biology. It is focused on determining how complex systems of molecules interact to create the pathways that regulate the lives of cells and allow them to respond to their environments. Rather than just studying a complex biomolecule in isolation, an understanding of how it is part of a larger path of molecules is the purpose of its establishment. The Center was made possible by a generous grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

If use of the Center instrumentation has contributed significantly to your research, we request that you cite the Center in the acknowledgments section of your publication. For example: "This work was supported by…, and by the Center for Molecular Medicine at California Institute of Technology."

Access to CM2 Instruments

  1. Please contact the appropriate caretakers for each instrument you would like to use for the instrument training.
  2. Upon completion of training, contact Dina Malounda ([email protected]) to get access.

People in the Facility

Faculty members: Dr. Dennis Dougherty, Dr. Jacqueline Barton, Dr. Peter Dervan, Dr. Linda Hsieh-Wilson, Dr. Shu-ou Shan, Dr. Mikhail Shapiro

Safety Officer: Dina Malounda, [email protected]

Lab Assistants: Please see the table below for instrument caretakers


Every Thursday 
12:00 - 1:00 PM
151 Crellin


Crellin Room 262 (Bacterial)

Crellin Room 260 (Mammalian)

Instrumentation Caretakers

For training or troubleshooting, please contact the appropriate caretakers.

Equipment Caretaker Contact info
Biosafety cabinet (TC hood) Alice Hsu [email protected]
Chemical fume hood Dina Malounda [email protected]
Amaxa 4-D Nucleofector James Lilton [email protected]
Benchtop centrifuges Dina Malounda [email protected]
Benchtop water bath Alice Hsu [email protected]
MilliQ water deionizer Dina Malounda [email protected].
Typhoon FLA 9000 gel imager Helena Awad [email protected]
Inverted fluorescence microscope (Nikon TS100) Kun Miao [email protected]
Upright dissection microscope (Nikon SMZ1000) + Clean bench Terry Kim [email protected]
Affinity ITC Chia-Yu Chien [email protected]
Mammalian cell incubator Kun Miao [email protected]
Zeta Potential Analyzer Bill Ling [email protected]
BioRad qPCR (CFX 96 RT PCR) Boyoung Shin and Tom Sidwell [email protected], [email protected]
4°C refrigerator Alice Hsu [email protected]
FlexStation microplate reader John O. Chapman [email protected]
Beckman Avanti J-26 floor centrifuge Alex Siegel [email protected]
-80°C freezer Dina Malounda [email protected]
Nanodrop 2000 Li-En Lin [email protected]
Li-Cor IR imager Ruilin Qian [email protected]
Beckman Scintillation Counter Kausar Raza [email protected]
Shaking incubator for bacteria Dina Malounda [email protected]
Ultrospec cell density meter Terry Kim [email protected]
QIAcube Xun Wang [email protected]
Neon transfection system Raymond J. Zhang [email protected]
Ice maker Trixia Buscagan [email protected]

Mailing address

Caltech Center for Molecular Medicine
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
MC 164-30
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125