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mark legendre
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Student (Demirer Lab)

Mark Legendre

Mark is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at Caltech as a member of the Demirer Lab where he is primarily focused on in planta protein delivery strategies for plant genetic engineering and developmental regulation.

Alex Viloria Winnett
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Student (Ismagilov Lab)

Alex Viloria Winnett

Alex Viloria Winnett has been awarded a National Institutes of Health NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship.

Spencer Delgado
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Student (Manthiram Lab)

Spencer Delgado

I came to Caltech to pursue research in an environment where various fields thrive off of interdisciplinary work. Chemical engineering naturally invokes concepts from areas of biology, chemistry, and engineering. This creates spaces that flourish while pursuing both a fundamental understanding of science and applicable solutions to real-world problems.

Headshot of Chemical Engineering graduate student Dennis Ko
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Student (Kornfield Lab)

Dennis Ko

My partner Lisa [Yee, BS '10,] was telling me every day how she had to reuse her N95 mask and her face shield. I'd been reading online that a lot of people were 3-D printing their own face shields, and I thought, 'You know what? I'll just learn how to do it.' I talked to my adviser, Julia Kornfield, and she said, 'Even if you only print five face shields, that's five people you managed to help.'

Jenny Ji
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Student (Ismagilov Lab)

Jenny Ji

Jenny Ji has been named a John Stafford SURF fellow.

Gozde Demirer
  • Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Gözde Demirer

Professor Demirer joined Caltech in September 2022. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey and completed her Chemical Engineering Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, where she developed nanotechnologies for plant genetic engineering in the Landry lab. During her postdoc at UC Davis, Professor Demirer studied nutrient use efficiency of tomato and established high-throughput functional genomics tools to study transcriptional regulation in crops. The Demirer lab works on bioengineering of plants and rhizosphere for food security, sustainability, and climate-change resiliency using novel nanotechnology and synthetic biology approaches.