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Virtual Lab Tours

Join us for our livestream of chemistry labs and Caltech facilities!

Inorganic Chemistry Lab Tours Livestream

Hosted by Kim See and Ryan Hadt


Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/j/331247906

Tour of the Catalysis Center in Schlinger Laboratory

Hosted by Max Robb

Tour of Prof. Shan's Lab in Braun Laboratory

Hosted by Shu-ou Shan

Tour of Prof. Cushing's Lab in Noyes Laboratory

Hosted by Scott Cushing

Tour of Hsieh-Wilson Lab in Crellin Laboratory

Hosted by Hsieh-Wilson

Tour Prof. Wei's Lab in Noyes Laboratory

Hosted by Lu Wei

Tour of Prof. Okumura's Lab in Linde + Robinson Laboratory

Hosted by Mitchio Okumura

Tour of Prof. Blake's Lab in S. Mudd Laboratory

Hosted by graduate students Kyle Virgil and Haw Wei Lin