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Economou Memorial Lecture

The Constantin G. Economou Memorial Lecture recognizes an outstanding candidacy report from a current Ph.D. student in the department, and is offered during the fall or winter term.

Constantin G. Economou Memorial Prize
Awarded annually to the top Ph.D. candidate(s) in Chemical Engineering.

The 2014 winner is Sho Taktori. His seminar is on Thursday, December 4, 2014 and topic will be announced soon.

Previous recipients were:

2013 - Mu Wang "The role of compression in the dynamics of colloidal suspensions"
2012 - Matthew Shaner "A tandem junction microwire Si/WO3 device for water splitting."
2011 - Amy Fu "Electrospun nanofibrous protein-polymer scaffolds for the promotion of scar-free corneal wound healing"
2010 - Rui Wang "Theoretical Study of the Ion-Containing Polymers"
2009 – Emily Warren "Fabrication and Optimization of p-Type Silicon Microstructured Photocathodes for the Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen"
2008 – Chung Hang Jonathan Choi "In Vivo Biodistribution and Subcellular Localization of Nanoparticles"
2007 – Yvonne Chen "Ligand-Responsive, RNA-Based Gene Regulatory Systems in Cellular Therapeutics"
2006 – Chase Beisel "An Engineered Platform for Ligand-Regulated RNA Interference"
2005 – Derek Bartlett "Design and Optimization of Modular, Targeted Delivery Vehicles for Nucleic Acid-Based Therapeutics"
2004 – Aditya Khair "Single Particle Motion in Colloidal Dispersions"
2003 – Inchan Kwon "Breaking the Degeneracy of the Genetic Code: Site-Specific Incorporation of the Unnatural Amino Acids into Proteins in Vivo"
2002 – Hyunjoo Lee "A New Strategy to Synthesize Zeolites and Molecular Sieves"
2001 – Andrew J. Spakowitz "The Physics of Stiff Polymers: From DNA to Kevlar"
2001 – Ileana Carpen "Second Normal Stress Jump Instability in Non-Newtonian Fluids"
2000 – Ramanathan Sankaran "Formation and Characterization of Reactive and Energetic Species in a High-Pressure Hollow Cathode Microdischarge"
1999 – Yi Tang "Incorporation of Fluorinated Amino Acids into Proteins in Vivo: Applications in Hydrogel Engineering and Protein Stabilization"
1999 – Patrick C. Cirino "Enzymatic Synthesis of Epoxides: Directed Evolution of Cytochrome P450 Catalysis"
1998 – Sue J. Hwang "Studies Toward the Development of a Novel Cyclodextrin-Based Polymer Delivery System for Gene Therapy"
1997 – Michael J. Gordon "Hyperthermal Beam Epitaxy of III-V Nitride Semiconductors"
1996 – Gyeong S. Hwang "Ion Dynamics and Charging Damage in the Etching of Silicon"
1995 – Wayez R. Ahmad "Molecular Recognition with Templated Silicas: New Materials for Chiral Separations, Catalysis and Chemical Sensors"
1994 – Richard B. McClurg "Modeling Homogeneous Nucleation — Breaking an Intractable Problem"
1993 – John. F. Nagel "Making Structures with Spherosiloxanes: A Nanoscale Building Block"
1992 – Charles B. Khouw "Partial Oxidation Using Zeolite Catalysis"
1991 – Jeffery F. Morris "Aspects of Interaction Between Transport and Reaction in Heterogeneous Media"
1990 – Peter J. Licari "Factors Influencing Recombinant Protein Yields in an Insect Cell-Baculovirus Expression System"
1989 – Ivan L.A.M. Claeys "Experimental and Numerical Study of Molecular Rotational Diffusion in Gel-Like Media"