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CCE DEI Coordinators

In the effort to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in individual research groups, CCE adopted a new group role, the DEI Coordinator. Modeled after the existing Safety Coordinator role, the purpose of the DEI Coordinator is to help foster a healthy, diversity-oriented space within their research group and to discuss and encourage participation in DEI-related ideas and initiatives.

The DEI Coordinator role is open on a volunteer basis to senior graduate students (G2+), senior postdocs, or other dedicated group staff. Each DEI Coordinator is trained by the Caltech Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CCID) and attends regular meetings with the appointed CCE Diversity Officer to discuss the DEI climate on campus and to propose actionable items and/or relay feedback to promote DEI in their groups. For more information on the DEI Coordinator program, please email Brian Stoltz.

Coordinator & Group E-Mail
Isabel Klein: Cushing Group [email protected]
Robert Anderson: Fu Group [email protected]
Jill Clinton: Gray Group [email protected]
David Cagan: Hadt Group [email protected]
James Lawniczak: Miller Group [email protected]
Camilla Suarez: Stoltz Group [email protected]
Xiaotian Bi: Wei Group [email protected]
Gracie Zhang: Hsieh-Wilson Group [email protected]
Anna G. Scott : Agapie Group [email protected]
Meaghan A. Bruening : Agapie Group [email protected]
Rebeccah Warmack: Rees Group [email protected]
Karen Orta : Clemons Group [email protected]
Kim Pham: See Group [email protected]
Christopher Marotta [email protected]
Grace Wang: Tirrell Group [email protected]
Ann Liu: Shapiro Group [email protected]
Erik Schrunk: Shapiro Group [email protected]
Alec Glisman: Wang Group [email protected]
Joseph Derosa: Peters Group [email protected]
Megan Wood: Okumura Group [email protected]
Madeline Meier: Lewis Group [email protected]
Zhuoyan Wang: Fu Group [email protected]
Omar A. Santiego-Reyes: Reisman Group [email protected]
Anna Overholtz: Robb Group [email protected]
Samantaray Paresh: Kornfield Group [email protected]