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Diversity in Chemistry Initiative (DICI)

The mission of Diversity in Chemistry Initiative (DICI) is to amplify the voices, actions, and successes of under-represented minorities (URMs) in chemistry at Caltech and beyond. DICI includes all black and brown, LGBTQIA+, and disabled individuals as part of the under-represented community. DICI provides a safe space for URMs to share ideas and issues, hosts seminars and panels, and engages in outreach with the goal to increase inclusion and equity in science. DICI is open to both URMs and allies. DICI was founded in 2016 by two CCE graduate students, Trixia Buscagan and Javier Fajardo Jr., with the support of Agnes Tong and Prof. Doug Rees.

Prof. Doug Rees

Faculty Advisor

Melinda Chan

G5, Stoltz Lab
Primary Board Position: President

Jacob Parres-Gold

G3, Elowitz Lab
Primary Board Position: Vice President

Noor Naji

G2, Wei Lab
Primary Board Position: Event Coordinator
Supporting Board Position: Treasurer

Omar Santiago Reyes

G2, Reisman Lab
Primary Board Position: Treasurer
Supporting Board Position: Outreach Coordinator

Juliet Lee

G3, Clemons Lab
Primary Board Position: Historian
Supporting Board Position: Media Communication

Marva Tariq

G3, Stoltz Lab
Primary Board Position: Media Communication
Supporting Board Position: Event Coordinator

Kevin Gonzalez

G4, Stoltz Lab
Primary Board Position: Outreach Coordinator

Camila (Cami) Suarez

G3, Stoltz Lab
Primary Board Position: DEI Leading Coordinator

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