Upcoming Events:

Jan 23, 2:00PM in Noyes 153 (J. Holmes Sturdivant Lecture Hall)

David Patterson, Ph. D, Senior Scientist, Department of Physics, Harvard University

Jan 23, 4:00PM in Gates Annex 22

Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, President & Co-founder, Institute for Systems Biology

Jan 24, 7:30AM in Ramo Auditorium

Jan 24, 4:00PM in Noyes 147 (J. Holmes Sturdivant Lecture Hall)

Lu Wei, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Columbia University

Jan 25, 4:00PM in Arms 155 (Robert P. Sharp Lecture Hall)

Richard Seager, Professor, Palisades Geophysical Institute, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University