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Chemical Engineering Faculty Meetings

CCE Faculty are excited to provide you information regarding our chemistry program and answer any questions during your scheduled meeting. Please consult your meeting schedule that was emailed to you prior to today's event and follow meeting times as best you can. If an issue arises, please contact the corresponding administrative support email. If you have trouble with a hyperlink, please copy and paste links into your browser.

Frances Arnold

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/j/444420302

Admin Support: Cheryl Nakashima

John Brady

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/s/135291761

Admin Support: Martha Hepworth

Richard Flagan

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/s/776312835

Admin Support: Irina Meininger

Konstantinos Giapis

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/s/408484108

Admin Support: Sohee Lee

Rustem Ismagilov

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/s/445734197

Admin Support: Sohee Lee

Julia Kornfield

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/s/684777077

Admin Support: Christine Jary

John Seinfeld

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/j/572027275

Admin Support: Martha Hepworth

Mikhail Shapiro

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/my/mikhailshapiro

Admin Support: Irina Meininger

Zhen-Gang Wang

Join Zoom Meeting: https://caltech.zoom.us/s/625374702

Admin Support: Sohee Lee

Caltech Grad Student Panel

1:00-2:00 pm PST | Learn about Grad Student life at Caltech

Join Zoom Meeting:https://zoom.us/j/971324517?pwd=amRwNVVGUm4wMmlhckRYaVlubXNJUT09