Old CCE Staff Handbook

Elements of the Admin. Assistant FunctionResourcesPeople and Policies
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Caltech VOLUNTEER Forms and ProceduresCaltech GUEST Forms and Procedures

Elements of the Admin. Assistant Function

  1. Biographical Information
  2. Check List for Appointing a Postdoctoral Scholar, Visiting Associate, or Visitor
  3. Correspondence
  4. Course Scheduling
  5. Faculty Appointments
  6. Grants and Contracts
  7. Keys
  8. Materials Prepared for Classes
  9. Procedures for Hiring Staff
  10. Publications Lists
  11. Seminars
  12. Travel
  13. Visitors
  14. Seminar Poster Uploads



  1. Campus Facilities
  2. Computer Information
  3. Copy Machines
  4. Graphic Arts
  5. Hotel Reservations
  6. Housing--Temporary and Long-term
  7. Information for Proposals
  8. Room Reservations
  9. Supplies/Stockrooms
  10. Telephones
  11. Web Cal Equipment Signup Procedures
  12. Campus Map


People and Policies

  1. Academic Classifications at Caltech
  2. About Caltech
  3. Divisional Yellow Pages
  4. Employee Illness and Injury Prevention Plan
  5. Faculty List and Bios
  6. Grant Manager Assignments List
  7. Group Member Rosters 
  8. Institute Policies
  9. Records Retention Policy and Schedule

CCE Division Forms and Stationery

  1. Application for Post-doctoral Research Appointment
  2. Appointment Recommendation Approval Form
  3. Foreign National Intake Form
  4. Divisional Approval Form
  5. Commitment of Faculty Effort
  6. Caltech Logo Letterhead
  7. Facsimile Transmission Form
  8. First Class Envelope
  9. FedEx Form (PDF)
  10. Interoffice Memorandum
  11. Curriculum Plan for Chemistry Undergraduates
  12. In-house Purchase Requisition Form
  13. Key Authorization
  14. Office Depot Order Request
  15. Safety Check-In Sheet
  16. Departing Faculty Arrangement


Quick Links (URLs)


  1. Information Management Systems and Services
  2. Human Resources
  3. IMSS Web Utilites System (change password and email settings, e.g., vacation message)
  4. PTA Combinations

Caltech Forms

  1. Human Resources Forms (e.g., Time, Leave, and Effort Report, etc.)
  2. Travel Forms (e.g., Mileage, Travel Advance, and Travel Expense Reports, etc.)

Funding Agencies and Forms

  1. NIH Forms
  2. NIH Certification Page
  3. NSF Fastlane
  4. Various Agency Forms


Caltech VOLUNTEER Forms and Procedures

  1. Volunteer Procedures
  2. Volunteer Procedures for Minors
  3. Volunteer Form for Adults
  4. Volunteer Form for Minors
  5. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure
  6. Patent and Copyright Agreement
  7. Volunteer Data Sheet
  8. Parent's Medical Consent


Caltech GUEST Forms and Procedures

  1. Guest Procedures
  2. Guest Data Sheet
  3. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement for Guests
  4. Patent Agreement