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Graduate Job Opportunities

Catapower Inc.

Catapower Inc., a cleantech startup company based in southern California, is seeking interest in 3 positions in our technical team.

Director of Chemistry

Anticipated role and responsibilities: The director of chemistry will work with company leadership to manage optimization, scaleup, and product isolation from our proprietary glycerol-to-lactate process. This will include lab design and setup, technical planning, development of laboratory procedures, safety oversight, and some portions of the company's business development activities. He or she will work closely with the company's technical founders and manage our technical staff. Qualifications: The successful candidate will have experience in synthetic chemistry, including process development. A Ph.D. in synthetic chemistry or chemical engineering is preferred. Masters-level candidates will also be considered with appropriate industrial experience.

Laboratory Technicians (2)

Anticipated role and responsibilities: Our technicians will work with the founders and the director of chemistry to optimize chemical process and manufacture qualification samples of products. This work will include synthetic and analytical chemistry work as well as some administrative functions of the company related to manufacturing. Qualifications: Successful candidates will have a BS or MS degree in chemistry or chemical engineering with training in synthetic chemistry.


Our core technology originated at the University of Southern California and is summarized in these papers: DOI 10.1021/acscatal.5b02732, 10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b00653, 10.1038/ncomms11308.

Compensation and Timeline

Catapower is a technology startup and will compensate employees with a combination of salary and equity, commensurate with experience. Initial contracts will be made for one year, with the intent to renew as funding is secured. We anticipate making hires in summer 2020.

Point of Contact

For information on this position, please contact Travis Williams, co-founder travisw@catapowerinc.com

Download the job posting here.

Deephaven Data Labs

Data Science Intern

Deephaven Data Labs provides a next-generation data analytics platform for the financial markets. We are a team of world-class software engineers and data scientists, and we are looking for 3-4 remote interns for the summer of 2020.

We want you to use your creativity to demonstrate the power of the Deephaven platform. The platform combines a proprietary data analytics engine with a rapid-development user interface that empowers data scientists to quickly solve problems and produce production-quality results. Some differentiators:
* High developer productivity
* High query performance
* Real-time, streaming analytics engine
* Multi-petabyte scaling
* Native time series support
* Cloud-based web interface
* Jupyter notebook integration
* TensorFlow integration

You will find interesting data analytics problems and implement the analysis using our platform in Python. The problems you solve can involve real-time data, big data, machine learning, TensorFlow, etc. We want you to be innovative and solve interesting problems that demonstrate the platform's power. Each project will be written up as a white paper for publication on deephaven.io and will be used by Deephaven's marketing team.

You will generally work independently on your projects, but the internship team will operate in an environment of peer help and peer review -- although remotely. Deephaven computer scientists and quantitative researchers will also provide guidance and support.

Two-person teams may apply and will be considered, to the extent they can convince us they'll produce twice the output -- as measured by quantity or sophistication.

Compensation & Benefits:
* $4,000/month

Hiring Process
1) Submit the following to internship@deephaven.io:
* Resume or LinkedIn profile
* Transcript (unofficial is fine)
* Brief descriptions or links to any relevant work you have done (e.g. GitHub repositories, project websites, etc.
* A few sentences describing times you have worked remotely or on your own.
2) Online coding challenge.
3) One or more video interviews with our crew.


Desired Skills:
* Self-driven, self-organized, proactive, highly motivated, personable, and intelligent.
* Strong analytical and organizational skills with thorough attention to detail.
* Deep curiosity and interest in learning new things.
* Obsession with producing quality results.
* Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
* Programming experience (e.g., Python, R, Groovy, Go, Rust, Java, C++, Matlab, Mathematica).
* Excellent mathematical skills.
* Background in Mathematics, Data Science, Physical Science, Engineering, Economics, or other quantitative fields.
* Linux / Unix is a plus.
* Minimum 3.5 GPA.

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