All People in Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry

Synthesis, Catalysis, Bioinorganic, Materials

Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

Kinetics, mechanisms and catalysis of electrode reactions

J. Stanley Johnson Professor and Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

Molecular structure and spectroscopy

John G. Kirkwood and Arthur A. Noyes Professor of Chemistry; Norman Davidson Leadership Chair, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Metal-nucleic acid chemistry

Mary and Charles Ferkel Professor of Chemistry

Chemical and biochemical applications of modern spectroscopic methods

Centennial Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

Synthetic, structural, thermochemical and mechanistic organotransition metal chemistry

Professor of Cosmochemistry and Planetary Sciences and Professor of Chemistry; Master of Student Houses

Observational analyses of stellar and planetary genesis; in situ characterization of the Earth's atmosphere and biogeochemical cycles; laser spectroscopic and ab initio characterization of weakly bonded clusters and reactive intermediates

Bren Professor of Chemistry
George Grant Hoag Professor of Biophysical Chemistry, Emeritus

Structure and function of membrane proteins

Bren Professor of Chemistry

Organic, Physical Organic, Bioorganic, and Materials Chemistry

George Grant Hoag Professor of Chemistry

Organic, Physical Organic, Bioorganic, and Materials Chemistry

Norman Chandler Professor of Chemistry

Catalysis, enantioselective synthesis, mechanistic studies, organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, reaction development

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Emeritus

Inorganic Membranes; Separations; Clean Fuel Technology; Materials Processing; Catalysis

Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics

Quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, statistical physics: simulation and design of biological, polymer, ceramic, and metal systems; Reaction mechanisms in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis; Prediction of Protein Structure and Function; Nanotechnology, bionanotechnology

Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry; Founding Director, Beckman Institute

Bioinorganic electron transfer chemistry

Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry

Mechanisms of metal catalyzed reactions, polymers synthesis, catalysis in organic synthesis

Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Chemistry; Investigator, Heritage Medical Research Institute; Faculty Scholar, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Structure-function studies of the nuclear pore complex and the histone-modifying machinery; X-ray crystallography

Roscoe G. Dickinson Professor of Chemistry and Biology, Emeritus
Professor of Chemistry

Synthetic and combinatorial chemistry; neurobiology; protein structure and function

Ethel Wilson Bowles and Robert Bowles Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Director of the Jacobs Institute for Molecular Engineering for Medicine

Global Health; Microbial communities and biophysics of the gut microbiome; Diagnostics and antimicrobial susceptibility testing; Microfluidics and single molecule and single cell analysis;   Complex Networks of reactions, cells and organisms

George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry

Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry, Electronic Olfaction, and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy; Chemistry Animation Project

Professor of Chemistry

Theories of chemical reactions

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, Emeritus

Rotationally resolved photoelectron spectra of molecules

Professor of Chemistry

Theory and simulation of chemical, biochemical, and soft matter systems

Professor of Chemical Physics

Spectroscopy and Chemistry of Ionic Clusters

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Metabolite signaling in development and oncogenesis
Bren Professor of Chemistry

Inorganic Synthesis, Reaction Chemistry, and Mechanistic Studies

Roscoe Gilkey Dickinson Professor of Chemistry; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Executive Officer for Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Protein Structure and Energetics; X-ray Crystallography

Professor of Chemistry; Investigator, Heritage Medical Research Institute; Executive Officer for Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry; Natural product total synthesis; Asymmetric catalysis

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry; Polymer chemistry; Soft materials

Institute Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Materials and interfaces in electrochemical devices; Electrochemistry; Solid state chemistry; Spectroscopy

Professor of Chemistry

Macromolecular machines; protein sorting and localization; molecular recognition and regulation by novel GTPases; protein and nucleic acid structure and function

Professor of Chemistry

Organic Synthetic Chemistry: the development and implementation of new strategies for the preparation of structurally complex molecules

Ross McCollum-William H. Corcoran Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Director, Beckman Institute

Biocatalysis; Biomaterials; Polymer Science; Protein Engineering; Macromolecular Chemistry

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Optical spectroscopy and microscopy, Biophysics, Bio-imaging, Chemical probe development.

Professor of Chemical Physics

Magnetic resonance

Linus Pauling Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics