Caltech Celebrates Staff Service and Impact

Caltech celebrated its 62nd Annual Service and Impact Awards on Thursday, June 1, 2017, honoring 397 staff members.

Caltech Program Fosters Scientific Curiosity in Pasadena Unified Students

Caltech volunteers bring eye-popping, hands-on science demonstrations to local schools.

Lessons in the Lab

Nobel laureate Robert H. Grubbs shapes fields of science, but his door is always open to students.

Class Act: Chemistry 101

A newly reinvented class gives undergrads a low-stakes way to explore topics in chemistry.

Chemistry Student Receives Fulbright Fellowship

Gerri Roberts, a chemistry student, has received a Fulbright fellowship to study new anti-cancer drugs in Germany.

Nitrogen Fixation Research Could Shed Light on Biological Mystery

New research could make fertilizer production more environmentally friendly while shedding light on a biological mystery.

Taking a Closer Look at Genetic Switches in Cancer

Caltech biochemists have uncovered details of a protein that controls blood cell production in an aggressive form of leukemia.

Small-Molecule Talk with Alison Ondrus

Alison Ondrus discusses her love of small molecules, synthetic chemistry, embryogenesis, and philosophy in a recent interview.

Caltech Program Delivers Science Instruction to Local Elementary School

Caltech grad students and postdocs volunteer at Cleveland Elementary as part of a program called Science Wednesdays.

Chemistry Professor Awarded Feynman Teaching Prize

Alumni, students, and fellow faculty members have praised Brian Stoltz for his dedication to teaching.


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