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CCE Postdoc Receives NIH Pathway to Independence Award

George Lu, a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Shapiro's lab, has received a K99/R00 NIH Pathway to Independence Award designed to foster the transiton of new investigators to research independence.
George Lu awarded the NIH K99 Award

Postdoc Wins Prestigious K99 Award

Xiongyi Huang, a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Frances Arnold's lab, has received a K99/R00 NIH Pathway to Independence Award designed to foster the transition of new investigators to research independence.
Xiongyi wins K99

Mikhail Shapiro Wins Roger Tsien Award for Excellence in Chemical Biology

Elise Cutts
In recognition of his contributions to chemical biology, Mikhail Shapiro was presented with the 2018 Roger Tsien Award.
Mikhail Shapiro

From Colorado to Caltech: Meet Chemistry Professor Kimberly See

Whitney Clavin
A new video profiles Kimberly See, a battery chemist who joined the faculty last year.
Kimberly See

Researchers Put A.I. to Work Making Chemistry Predictions

Emily Velasco
Tom Miller and researchers in his lab have developed a new machine-learning tool for predicting chemistry.
An artist's representation of computational chemistry. Two beakers pour zeros and ones into a beaker.

Program Brings Area High School Students, Teachers into Caltech Labs

Jon Nalick
Summer Research Connection promotes curiosity, scientific literacy, and research skills.
Maggie Higginbotham, a 10th-grade student at Blair High School in Pasadena, opens an incubator shaker to reveal cultures of bacteria used to produce gas vesicles for research.

Switching Brain Circuits On and Off Without Surgery

Whitney Clavin
By combining ultrasound, gene therapy, and synthetic drugs, researchers have figured out a way to noninvasively control the brain.
Artwork of brain circuits

Rothenberg Innovation Initiative Removes Risk, Leaves Lots of Reward

Robert Perkins
Researchers looking for a way to bridge the "valley of death" can compete for RI2 funding.

Electrical Wire Properties of DNA Linked to Cancer

Whitney Clavin
New research from the Barton lab finds a connection between a cancer mutation and electron-mediated DNA repair.
Cartoon of

How "Gatekeepers" to a Cell's Nucleus Let Genetic Instructions Pass Through

Whitney Clavin
Researchers have revealed how the human nuclear pore complex is involved in the flow of genetic information.
3-D structures of nuclear pore complex proteins