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The 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Lori Dajose
Twenty current students and eight alumni have been selected to receive funding for graduate studies.
The logo of the National Science Foundation.

Celebration of Life in Honor of Professor John D. Roberts

2:00 pm Friday, March 31, 2017Celebration of life at Beckman Auditorium. Reception at Gene Pool...

New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future

Robert Perkins
Combining computational with experimental approaches, researchers identify 12 new materials with potential use in solar fuels generators.
Solar fuels

Caltech Graduate Student Wins Weintraub Award

Whitney Clavin
Daniel Lin, a graduate student in the laboratory of André Hoelz, has been awarded the Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
Daniel Lin

Getting Rid of the Last Bits of Sulfur in Fuel

Whitney Clavin
A new technique scrubs the last bits of sulfur from fuel, reducing the release of pollutants when the fuel is burned.

Electrons Use DNA Like a Wire for Signaling DNA Replication

Whitney Clavin
A Caltech-led study has shown that the electrical wire-like behavior of DNA is involved in the molecule's replication.
Illustration of DNA replication

Caltech Mourns the Passing of Alumnus Warren G. Schlinger

Kathy Svitil
Chemical engineer and philanthropist Warren G. Schlinger (BS '44, MS '46, PhD '49), a pioneer in the development of processes to produce clean energy from traditional fossil fuel sources, passed away on February 10, 2017. He was 93 years old.
Katharine Stewart Schlinger and Warren G. Schlinger at the 2010 dedication of Caltech's Warren and Katharine Schlinger Laboratory for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Three Alumni Inducted to NAE

Three Caltech alumni have been elected as members of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).
logo of the National Academy of Engineering on a blue background

Protein Chaperone Takes Its Job Seriously

Whitney Clavin
Caltech researchers are learning more about how ribosome chaperones work, showing that one particular chaperone binds to its protein client almost like a glove fitting a hand.
structural rendering of ribosomal protein

Politics and American Higher Education

Judy Hill
Four presidents discuss the role of institutions of higher education in times of political change and social turmoil.
photo of panelists