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Comet Inspires Chemistry for Making Breathable Oxygen on Mars

Emily Velasco
Caltech researchers discover a process that turns carbon dioxide into molecular oxygen
Konstantinos Giapis stands in front of his oxygen reactor. It appears as a complex tangle of tubes and wires.

Watson Lecture Preview: Linda Hsieh-Wilson

Sugars: The Underappreciated Building Blocks of Life
Linda Hsieh-Wilson

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Named Schmidt Science Fellow

Emily Velasco
Ahmad Omar, a chemical engineering graduate student in the lab of Zhen-Gang Wang, has been named a 2019 Schmidt Science Fellow
A portrait of Ahmad Omar

Directed Evolution Opens Door to New Antibiotics

Emily Velasco
Researchers in the lab of Frances Arnold have created an enzyme that could make it easier to develop new antibiotics.
An artist's rendering of an enzyme at work

Hydrogen Sticks to Graphene More Than Expected and Now We Know Why

Emily Velasco
New research explores how hydrogen atoms get stuck in graphene's lattice structure, not unlike a tennis ball stuck in a chain-link fence.
A tennis ball stuck in a chain-link fence.

NSF Director France Córdova to Speak at Caltech's 125th Commencement Ceremony

Davin Malasarn
The distinguished astrophysicist, director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), and Caltech alumna (PhD '79), will give the keynote speech at Caltech's 2019 Commencement ceremony on June 14.
Headshot of France Córdova

A Laser Focus on Finding Better Ways to Make Renewable Fuels

Whitney Clavin
Caltech scientists are using lasers to create new and interesting solar-fuel catalysts.
Picture of Jay Winkler in the lab.

Caltech Announces the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Caltech has announced five recipients of this year's Distinguished Alumni Award.
photo of the Distinguished Alumni Award medal

Jane Raymond, Longtime Chemistry Instructor, Dies at 80

Emily Velasco
Jane Shell Raymond, who was an undergraduate chemistry instructor at Caltech for 32 years, has died at age 80.
A black-and-white portrait of Jane Raymond

Dietary Fiber Helps Clump Material in Your Gut

Whitney Clavin
A new study in mice shows dietary fiber promotes the aggregation of gut particles.
plate of fiber-rich foods