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New Metamaterial Morphs Into New Shapes, Taking on New Properties

Robert Perkins
Electrochemical reactions drive shape change in new nanoarchitected metamaterial
Programmed Lithiation

Intrinsically Quantum

Garnet Chan appreciates a good challenge. A Caltech theorist, Chan says he is drawn to scientific problems that have long resisted theoretical study.
Garnet Chan

Researchers Find New Way to Make Valuable Chemicals

Emily Velasco
William Goddard, Caltech's Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics; and Feng Jiao, an associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Delaware, develop a new chemical process
A portrait of William Goddard

Scott Cushing Receives DOE Early Career Award

Emily Velasco
Scott Cushing, assistant professor of chemistry, is one of 73 scientists selected to receive funding through the program this year.
A portrait of Scott Cushing

From Caltech Magazine: The Future of Green Energy

Caltech chemist Kimberly See is energizing battery research.
Kimberly See

Jennifer Lum Named Caltech General Counsel

Jennifer Lum, deputy general counsel at Caltech, has been named the Institute's new general counsel.
Jennifer Lum

Ultra-thin Layers of Rust Generate Electricity from Flowing Water

Emily Velasco
Tom Miller of Caltech and Franz Geiger of Northwestern University show that iron oxide layers can convert kinetic energy of saltwater into electrical power.
An image of the underside of a rusty bridge over a body of water.

Performing Chemistry in Floating Droplets

Emily Velasco
Could chemists be ready to ditch the venerable test tube?
A hand places a pellet into a 3D-printed ultrasonic levitator.

Bronner Named Director of Beckman Institute

Lori Dajose
Marianne Bronner will succeed Dennis Dougherty as the director of Caltech's Beckman Institute.
Marianne Bronner

Order from Chaos

The more Caltech biochemist Shu-ou Shan learns about how proteins are made, the more she marvels that life exists at all. The professor of chemistry and her team focus on the first few moments of a protein’s life, and what they have found is that protein biogenesis is anything but simple.
Shou-ou Shan