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Caltech Women in Chemistry

The goal of the Caltech Women in Chemistry Committee is to support the careers of women in chemistry and related sciences. We achieve this by participating in graduate recruitment, providing networking opportunities, hosting events to speak with established women scientists, and serving as an advocate for issues related to gender and science.

Caltech Women in Chemistry is profoundly grateful to Barbara Burger (PhD ’87) for endowing our program.

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Caltech WIC Committee

Sara Weaver, President
Camille McAvoy, Vice President
Kari Hernandez, Treasurer
Zainab Al-Saihati, Outreach Chair
Siobhán MacArdle, Annual Seminar Chair
Elise Tookmanian, Events Chair
Faculty Advisor
Prof. Sarah Reisman
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Caltech's Center for Diversity 
American Chemical Society's Women Chemists Committee