Ch 82/182. Senior Thesis Research. 9 units: first, second, third terms. Three terms of Ch 82/182 are to be completed during the junior and/or senior year of study. Ch 182 is taken only by students pursuing a joint B.S./M.S. degree in Chemistry. At the end of the third term, students enrolled in Ch 82 will present a thesis of approximately 20 pages (excluding figures and references) to the mentor and the Chemistry Curriculum and Undergraduate Studies Committee. The thesis must be approved by both the research mentor and the CUSC. Students enrolled in Ch 182 will present a Masters Thesis, as described in requirements for the Masters degree. An oral thesis defense will be arranged by the CUSC in the third term for all enrollees. The first two terms of Ch 82/182 will be taken on a pass/fail basis, and the third term will carry a letter grade. Instructors: Okumura, staff.