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Undergraduate Program in Chemistry

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1. Ch 14, Ch 21 abc (or Ch 21a, Ch 24, and Ch 25), Ch 41 abc, Ch 90, Ma 2, and Ph 2a. Ma 3 recommended but not required. For students taking a full year of physics (Ph 2abc or Ph 12abc), the physical chemistry requirement can be satisfied by passing either Ch 21b or Ch 24. Students with the appropriate background upon completion of Ph 2a or Ph 12a may substitute the following 100-level courses for Ch 21a (Ch 125a or Ph 125a); Ch 21b (Ch 125b, Ch 126, Ph 103, or Ge 132); and Ch 21c (ChE/Ch 164 or Ph 127a). 100-level courses used in substitution for Ch 21abc may not also be counted towards the five terms of advanced chemistry electives. 166

2. A minimum of five terms of laboratory work chosen from Ch 4ab, Ch 5ab, Ch 6ab, Ch 7, Ch 10c (if taken freshman or sophomore year), and Ch 15. One non-chemistry laboratory course may be used, chosen from Bi 10, MS 90, Ph 6 and Ph 7.

3. A minimum of five terms of advanced chemistry electives (which must total at least 45 units) taken for a letter grade from chemistry course offerings at the 100 and 200 level, including cross-listed offerings, but excluding Ch 180 and Ch 280.

4. Passing grades must be earned in the courses that constitute the approved program of study, including those listed above. None of the courses satisfying option requirements may be taken pass/ fail.

5. The chemistry option strongly encourages students to engage in academic year research, and up to 27 units each of Ch 80 and Ch 82 will toward towards the 486-unit requirement.

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