Undergraduate Studies

The Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCE) offers degree programs in:

The undergraduate program leads to a four-year Bachelor of Science degree. Admitted students matriculate in the fall term only. Caltech does not have a summer session or part-time program and cannot consider you if you already have a bachelor's degree from another college, university, or the equivalent. If you have matriculated at any college, university, or the equivalent in a program leading to any degree, you will be required to apply as a transfer student and should read the requirements in the section titled "Transfer Admissions.''


Students are admitted to the freshman class on the basis of strong academic performance in a rigorous course of college preparatory study, especially in the areas of math and science; results of the SAT or ACT, and one SAT science subject test and the SAT mathematics level 2 test; teacher and counselor evaluations; personal characteristics; a demonstrated interest in math, science, or engineering; and information provided on the application.


Information on the application process can be found on the admissions office website at Students are encouraged to apply online through the Common Application. For further information on admission, please call (626) 395-6341 or email To be considered for admission, applications to the freshman class must be submitted online or postmarked by November 1 for Early Action or January 3 for Regular Decision.

High school students who desire to attend Caltech, please do not apply directly to the Chemistry Division. Prospective undergraduates may obtain information and forms from the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Learn more about admission to Caltech at Undergraduate Admissions.