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About the Chemistry Graduate Studies Committee

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The function of the Chemistry Graduate Studies Committee (CGSC) is to improve the quality of the chemistry graduate program as well as to establish and maintain its policies. The committee is composed of faculty and student members. Some of the projects run by the student representatives include the chemistry Big Sib / Little Sib mentoring program, division-wide socials, first-year seminar nights, a summer seminar series, and a TA resources website.

Looking for resources to support you at any point in your graduate school journey? Please go to our Resources for Students to find information for both incoming and current chemistry graduate students. You can also check out our FAQ for student answers to common questions about graduate school.

We also encourage you to visit the pages of the other chemistry groups on campus:

Diversity in Chemistry Initiative (DICI)


We welcome any suggestions or comments that you may have regarding the chemistry graduate option. Please email your feedback or questions to the CGSC student representative email list,

Interested in joining the CGSC student reps? We hold an open CGSC meeting every May and solicit applications for new members around that time as well. Look for email reminders in April.

The current CGSC student committee statement of purpose (SOP) is available here.