ChE Graduate Course Requirements

Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering
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Required Courses
Required: ChE 151 ab, ChE 152, ChE 164, ChE 165
ONLY ONE of these is required: Ch/ChE 140, 147, 148, 155, ChE/ESE 157, 158, 159, ChE 163, 174, 189, BE/ChE 200b (or ChE 210)    

ChE 112 - Design, Invention, and Fundamentals of Microfluidic Systems
ChE 114 - Solid State NMR Spectroscopy for Materials Chemistry
ChE 115 - Electronic Materials Processing (formerly ChE 189)
ChE 118 - Introduction to the Design of Chemical Systems
ChE 120 - Optimal Design of Chemical Systems
Ch/ChE 140 ab - Principles and Applications of Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry
Ch/ChE 147 - Polymer Chemistry
ChE/Ch 148 - Polymer Physics
ChE 151 ab - Physical and Chemical Rate Processes
ChE 152 - Heterogeneous Kinetics and Reaction Engineering
ChE/Ch 155 - Chemistry of Catalysis
ChE/ESE 158 - Aerosol Physics and Chemistry
ChE/BE 163 - Introduction to Biomolecular Engineering
ChE/Ch 164 - Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics
ChE/Ch 165 - Chemical Thermodynamics
ChE 174 - Special Topics in Transport Phenomena
ChE 188 - Molecular Imaging
ChE 280 - Chemical Engineering Research

Students are required to take ChE 151 ab, ChE 152, ChE/Ch 164, ChE/Ch 165, and an additional course from a designated list, selected in consultation with his/her adviser. Each student is required to complete either a subject minor, or a general program of courses outside chemical engineering consisting of at least 54 units.

The choice of the 54 units is subject to certain guidelines and restrictions included in the chemical engineering graduate studies guide. The general program of courses must be approved in advance by the option representative. It is intended that the courses chosen should constitute some integrated program of study rather than a randomly chosen collection of courses outside chemical engineering.

Within these guidelines, the only course specifically excluded is research in another option. A grade of C or better is required in any course, and a grade-point average of at least 3.0 is expected. The requirements for a subject minor in any option are listed in this catalog.